about us

You are a living, one-of-a-kind manuscript that is constantly being written.

But, you are not a fairy tale. Composed of a perfectly conceived plot and a predictably happy ending. No one is. Far from it: Perhaps, some pivotal chapters in your life began but remain unfinished; some scenes feel uncomfortably unresolved; some crucial words are glaringly missing.

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Our Team

Our Counsellors and Psychotherapists

Shirley Woon

Ann Lui

Pamela Lie

Shannah Teo

Our services

We all have broken pieces, but inside us, we have the potential to colour the world, to write beautiful
stories… once we are unfolded. The Blue Pencil helps you to unfold and discover your inner strength.

Couple Counselling

Children and
Teenager Issue

Parent and Child

Art Therapy

Managing School/
Work-related Stress And
Negative Thinking

Employee Assisted Programme (EAP)


Christian Counselling

What is Counselling?

Many people have a misconception about counselling. They think that counselling is only for people who are in trouble. School children view counselling as being meant only for ‘bad’ or ‘naughty’ students.

The late Anthony Yeo (1993), in his book Counselling: A Problem-Solving Approach, gave this definition.

“Counselling is an activity that cannot be done mechanically. It is a human encounter that involves people helping people in a relationship established for this purpose. This relationship is facilitated by the counsellor with skilfully responses to engage the client in problem-solving.”

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our rates

We believe that no one should be denied help, and would like to reach out to all who are seeking for help. Therefore, we have kept our rates affordable. Mode of payment: “Pay Now” or cash, we do appreciate.

S$100 (1 hour)
S$150 (1.5 hours)
Couple and Family
S$180 for 1.5 hours
Art Therapy
S$130 for 1 hour

(including home based therapy, materials and report)


Pamela is sincere and patient. She helped my child with problems she encountered in school. Over the course of art therapy, my daughter learnt to better managed her emotions and cope with stressors from school.


Ann is a super caring therapist who has the natural ability to connect with children. I can tell that my son trusts her a lot and he has been happier and is a lot more confident in himself ever since he started art therapy with her. Sincerely thank you!


The sessions I had with Shirley gave me clarity in my thoughts and the questions asked in between the sharing helped a lot in reflecting. I appreciated the help and encouragement given by Shirley to takeaction in the next appropriate step towards achieving my goals and dreams.


Shirley helped me through that period of crisis.She looked into my family history and my childhood experiences, helped me to see myself more clearly. She helped me identify certain blind spotsin my life. That helped me to know myself better. I became more aware of my threshold and how and when I must let go.