You are a living, one-of-a-kind manuscript being written constantly.
But you’re not a fairy tale with a perfectly conceived plot and a predictable, happy ending.

No one is; far from it.

Perhaps some pivotal chapters in your life began but remain unfinished.

Some scenes feel uncomfortably unresolved; some crucial words are glaringly missing.

When you re-read those pages, you may feel stuck trying to make sense of an imperfect (sometimes painful) story.

And that may make you feel uncertain about how to write the current chapter in your life.

In the publishing industry, a blue pencil was traditionally used to edit text before it was printed.

Blue was used because the colour didn’t show up in production, leaving the published page clean and coherent.

This is what inspires our approach to helping you.

You are the primary author of your story.

We, as counsellors, offer ourselves as your editor.

When you enter into a professional counselling relationship with us, we use this metaphorical blue-pencil approach to help you become more aware of your life’s storyline and choices.

Your past is not carved in stone; with the help of The Blue Pencil, you can rewrite it.

And once you do, you can start writing your life’s current chapter with greater clarity, confidence, and wisdom.

The Blue Pencil…private therapy made affordable

Shirley Woon

“You are not stuck; you are just committed to a certain style of writing that you have enjoyed in the past. However, change is a constant in our lives. What used to work in the past, may not work now.

Whether you want to rewrite your story, edit your story or to create new patterns in your life, I would like to listen to your story.”

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