After the first few sessions with Shirley, I discovered many insights about myself and I learned to rely on the strengths I had to help change my mindset. Together with the guidance from Shirley, I learnt new ways to battle the negative thoughts I had constantly in my mind. I learnt how to differentiate my emotions from the facts and gained a new level of self-control. The guidance and insights not only helped my relationship with myself, but with my parents too. I learnt how to control my emotions and clearly articulate myself leading to better communication and a mutual understanding between us. I have come far from the person I was when I initially approached Shirley and I am greatly appreciative of her guidance.
Pamela is sincere and patient. She helped my child with problems she encountered in school. Over the course of art therapy, my daughter learnt to better managed her emotions and cope with stressors from school.
The sessions I had with Shirley gave me clarity in my thoughts and the questions asked in between the sharing helped a lot in reflecting. I appreciated the help and encouragement given by Shirley to take  action in the next appropriate step towards achieving my goals and dreams.
I was recommended to seek professional help from Shirley when I was no longer able to cope and things seemed to be going wrong in all aspects in life 2 years ago. Shirley has an affable personality and is very incisive in identifying the issues I faced at that lowest point in life. My sessions with her has not only prevented me from sinking further and pulled me out from possible depression, she has also helped me in discovering my own strength so that I am capable of self-help and face the future challenges ahead in life. I am now fully in control of my life and feeling more confident. My only regret is not meeting Shirley earlier so that the agony would then have been shortened!
Pamela is warm and uplifting. She is highly competent in her skills as an art therapist. She is able to engage the students in her workshops.
I went to see Shirley regarding my marital issues. It was a great session with her. As my husband did not go with me, I shared with him what I went through with Shirley when I got home. He is now open to go for couple counselling together.
Ann has been working with my 7 year old boy for about half a year. My son has opened up and shared some of his thoughts and feelings openly with her. Ann has shared insights about my son with me which have been helpful in my attempts to help my son feel more settled at home and in school. My boy looks forward to Ann’s sessions with him, which is unusual as he typically dreads any type of “class”!
Ann is a very experienced  therapist. Caring and patient, she connects well with my daughter. My daughter enjoys every session with Ann.  Ann has helped to build my daughter's confidence, regulate her emotions and develop values in her life.  I would definitely and highly recommend her services!
I had a bad anxiety attack in June 2016. This anxiety attack was accompanied by insomnia. I lost the ability to sleep and could not switch to the unconscious mode of sleep. It affected my entire being. Due to the inability to sleep I went to see a psychiatrist to seek help. I was diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder around mid- June 2016. There was a great deal of severe mood swings in the beginning as my body adjusted to medication prescribed.
I lost all confidence, became fearful, started to shun activities and companionship. I was desperate to get out of this downward spiral. A friend of mine recommended me to see Shirley.
Shirley helped me through that period of crisis.  She looked into my family history and my childhood experiences, helped me to see myself more clearly. She helped me identify certain blind spots  in my life. That helped me to know myself better. I became more aware of my threshold and how and when I must let go.
She kept pace with me during that period and encouraged me to reconnect with my friends who were trying to reach out to me although I really did not feel like doing so. During that period, she was someone who held me accountable in my efforts to break out of that black tunnel.
Now I am completely recovered and am free from all medication.  Counselling is not just about waiting for the counsellor to fix our problems. We must be dependent on our self.  First, we have to recognise we have a problem and there must be a desire to recover or a willingness to change.  Work together with our counsellor or professionals who are trying to help us even though we do not feel like doing so or we just want to hide. Trust them as they often see blind spots which we do not see our self.  Recovery takes time .... continue to work at it .... you will see a breakthrough somewhere in the future.