Children and Teenager Issue


  • My child refused to go to school
  • She is too shy
  • He can’t stand up for himself
  • He is spending too much on his electronic gadgets …

Are these some of the issues your kids are facing? Recognising the needs of our kids and intervening early will enable them to grow up to become emotionally and mentally healthy adults. Children sometimes struggle to verbalise their emotional messages. One of the many ways to help them bring out these messages in by using art therapy. Our art therapists have many years of experience working with young children.


  • My daughter is cutting herself
  • My teenager does not listen to me anymore
  • I think my teenager has anger issue
  • I cannot talk to my teens, they are also not listening to me too

Teenage years are transition years. Hormones and seismic growth throw adolescent brains into overdrive – and they do not finish developing until in their 20s. That means adolescents lean towards certain behaviours: emotional ups and downs, uninformed decision-making, lower empathy, susceptibility to peer pressure and weaker impulse control. All these often leads to conflict in the family. Often, to reach out to them, we would need a neutral third party. Either an art therapist or a counsellor, who are professionally trained would be able to help work with your teens

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men. “ Frederick Douglass ”

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