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“Bleeding Hearts – A Gentler Look at Self-harm”

Shirley has successfully dealt with the subject of self-harm by weaving together the real-life experiences of those suffering from self-harm, the caregiving processes of their family members as well as her personal hands-on clinical experience in the local context. I applaud its simplicity and flow, written in a remarkably plain-speaking manner. I personally like her soft touch and gentle care through the pictorial illustrations, it connects visually the anguish, dilemma, pain and struggles of self-harming while also brings forth hope, courage and aspirations for all to believe that there is a different path to cope and grow out of this pain.

I highly recommend Bleeding Hearts as a must read for every helping professional and caregiver who are reaching out and caring for those who are harming themselves.

Cindy Loh
Principal Counsellor,
Care Corner Singapore Ltd

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