Teenager Issues
(13 – 19 years)

  • My daughter is cutting herself
  • My teenager does not listen to me anymore
  • I think my teenager has anger issue
  • I cannot talk to my teens, they are also not listening to me too

Teenage years are transition years. Hormones and seismic growth throw adolescent brains into overdrive – and they do not finish developing until in their 20s. That means adolescents lean towards certain behaviours: emotional ups and downs, uninformed decision-making, lower empathy, susceptibility to peer pressure and weaker impulse control. All these often leads to conflict in the family. Often, to reach out to them, we would need a neutral third party. Either an art therapist or a counsellor, who are professionally trained would be able to help work with your teens.

“We need to think of adolescence as a stage at which people can thrive if take advantage of the opportunities. Stop thinking of it as something to be endured.” Laurence Steinberg

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