Premarital Counselling

A wedding is an event, marriage is a life time. Often, we spent much time and effort in preparing for the event but once the event is over, we forgot to spend time nurturing the life time marriage. According to a survey published in the Journal of Family Psychology, couples with premarital counselling reported higher levels of marital satisfaction.

Premarital counselling helps couples to prepare them for life after marriage. This counselling plays an important role in this preparation. 

  • Family of Origin (FoO)

Two individuals coming from two very different family backgrounds coming together to form a family together could be a challenging thing to do. Understanding the FoO will help to manage any challenges in a more productive way.

  • Values for our family

Is it using my value or is it using your value? Creating values for your family together is important.

  • Communication with each other

It is not just asking about each other’s day at work or what do you want to eat. It is about communicating at the emotional level.

  • Resolving conflict

Every relationship has its conflict. Understanding the conflict, resolving it and reconciling  are important aspects to build a healthy marriage.

  • Slay the marriage monster

Extra marital affairs (EMA). The best way to attack the enemy is to know them. What is the cause of EMA? Why is the pasture always greener on the other side? 

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“There is no association richer than the companionship of husband and wife”.    Gordon B Hinckley

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