Christian Chong

  • Master of Soc Sc (Professional Counselling), Specialisation in Family Therapy
  • Diploma of Holistic Counselling at Schools 
  • Graduate Diploma of Social Work 
  • Certified Reality Therapy Practitioner 

Christian is our collaborating counsellor / psychotherapist

He believes in journeying with people towards the next better stage of their lives by means of compassionate counselling. Christian’s work with clients centers on being of help to them in achieving the inner peace that they are seeking. His therapeutic expertise lies in youth and family work as he had worked as a school counsellor (Ministry of Education) and Probation Officer (Ministry of Family and Social Development). In addition, Christian has relevant guidance work experiences in rehabilitative institutions and has volunteered as a church counsellor helping people from all walks of life with their personal and family issues. Above all, Christian also has a profound interest in Movie and Existential psychotherapy as he has had 20 years of tutoring experience and hence have exploring with numerous young adults the meaning of life via films and life experiences.

For his own growth, Christian is currently pursuing a second Master Degree of Social Work (Singapore University of Social Sciences) and looks forward to helping more people in the society using eclectic approaches in Social Work and Psychotherapy. He firmly believes that counseling is a relational service which people may use as a tool to help them be a better version of themselves. Christian sees himself as a blue pencil which clients may choose to use to help themselves edit certain parts of their life stories so that a better version of it may be published.

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